Altaro VM Backup

We are pleased to announce that Valetech are now an Altaro Certified Partner.

Altaro produce VM Backup software which we have found to be faster and more reliable than many more expensive products. Using Altaro we can optionally provide offsite cloud based backup of your servers for full system recovery in a disaster situation.

Altaro VM Backup is a full-featured and easy to use VM backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware, giving you all you need at unbeatable value, backed by outstanding support.

Altaro VM Backup offers you most of the features found in competing offers aimed at enterprise-level users at a fraction of the price. A few of its capabilities at a glance:

  • Offsite Backup Replication, for disaster recovery protection

  • Instant Exchange Server Item-Level Restore

  • Instant File Level Restore

  • Supports Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) & VMware vCenter great for larger environments

  • Remotely manage all VM backup/restore jobs across your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a central console

  • Back up live VMs with zero downtime

  • Compression and Encryption

For more information give us a call on 0161 393 2029


Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt

Microsoft are sending out a Windows update which prompts the user to sign up for an upgrade to Windows 10. The prompt appears as a message ballon from the system tray as in the image below.

If you see this please do not sign up for the upgrade as Windows 10 is currently untested for many applications including Sage accounting software.

Upgrading your PC now will likely lead to major compatibility problems and you maybe unable to use your system while Windows is re-installed back to your original version.

Please contact our help desk on 0161 393 2029 for further information on Windows 10 if required.

Dridex / Cridex Banking Trojan

We are seeing an increased amount of email traffic for this particularly nasty virus. Typically a trojan downloader is delivered in a MS Word or Excel file which uses a macro to infect the machine as soon as the file is opened and then downloads the Dridex virus in the background. The email could appear to be from a well known organisation and usually claims to be an invoice or similar financial document.


Once Dridex has infected your machine it will make no obvious change in the hope you will not notice it is there. However when it detects you are logging into your online banking it will transmit information to a command and control server and within minutes the criminals behind this virus will transfer money from your account. Amounts of between £5000 and £100000 have been stolen in single incidents though usually at the lower end to avoid the bank detecting anything suspicious.


If you believe you may have inadvertantly opened an email containing this virus do not login to your online banking. Call our help desk on 0161 393 2029 so we can advise and if required scan and clean your machine.


While having an anti virus solution is always recommended you must bear in mind that paid professional programmers are writing these viruses today and it is their job to avoid being detected so be very wary of any email attachments which are not expected.